Lonnie and Sandy Phillips have been on a single mission since Jessi’s death in 2012- to make our country safer through the adoption of common sense gun laws and safer gun practices. They travel back and forth across the nation in a camper trailer with their two small dogs, staying at camp sites or with friends. They go wherever their voice is needed, from small demonstration walks to meetings at the White House. They are slowly, but very surely, changing the course of our nation through the relentless baring of their souls and their grief in order to make people understand the ramifications of our poor gun safety laws. They need funding in order to continue doing their vital work and continue making our country a safer place. Regardless of if your budget allows you to contribute ten dollars or thousands of dollars, any amount is a contribution to demanding real change in the face of this terrible epidemic and will help Lonnie and Sandy to continue their vital work. If you would like to help the Phillips continue on their mission, please consider contributing using the link below.